Sunscape logo

Our lush, vibrant hibiscus hybrids along with our hand-selected canna lily and bromeliad varieties bring a slice of tropical paradise to any backyard—all year long. Altman Plants’ Sunscape line exhibits splashy, vibrant hues with harmonious, inviting blooms and glossy green foliage. Sunscape makes paradise accessible right from your back door. Paradise awaits.

Star Aloe<sup>®</sup>

Star Aloe logo

Our Star Aloe® collection contains patented, one-of-a-kind aloes that are exclusive to Altman Plants. These succulent plants bring an exotic flare to any outdoor or indoor space. Their toughness and ease of care makes them perfect for any plant enthusiast, black thumb to green. Their ability to live in low light makes them perfect plants for indoor home décor.

Purple Princess<sup>®</sup>

Purple Princess Bougainvillea logo

Always blooming with prolific magenta flowers, Purple Princess bougainvillea is as majestic as its name implies. This variety of bougainvillea stays compact, easy to maintain and blooms all year round, making it the perfect for outdoor decorative containers and trellises.

Lone Star Growers

Lone Star Growers logo

Texas gardens are unique. They require special consideration—both in the types of plants you choose and their ability to thrive in a challenging climate. The Lone Star Growers team at Altman Plants has curated a collection specifically for the Texas gardener. Our wide variety of beautiful plants are drought tolerant and specifically grown to do more than just survive in Texas climates. They thrive. And they make your home beautiful in the process.


LoLite Houseplants Made Easy logo

Whoever said growing houseplants couldn’t be easy—and fun? The LoLite™ lineup of drought-tolerant houseplants are easy to care for in low-light environments. They’re fun to decorate your space with too. With small, geometric pot shapes, artsy designs and unique textures, they add a touch of extraordinary to any ordinary living space.

Forever Flowers<sup>®</sup>

Forever Flowers logo

The fascinating and long-lasting beauty of these Lecospermum, Leucadendron and Protea varieties make them incredibly desirable. We’ve hand-selected the finest varieties from our travels to make them available to everyone. These gorgeous, flower-rich, drought-tolerant shrubs are the perfect way to add a statement to any landscape. Lasting seemingly forever, the flower heads can be cut and brought inside for bouquets and wreaths.


Oasis logo

The beauty of a plant is more than just appearance. It’s also its remarkable ability to adapt, survive and even thrive in extreme environments. We take water efficient gardens a step beyond by breeding and growing some of the world’s toughest and drought-tolerant succulents, perennials, and cacti to be enjoyed by all with little maintenance.


Element logo

Offering a range of species and hybrids, Element™ succulents are drought tolerant and easy to maintain for any type of gardener—experienced or first-time plant parents.

True Bloom Roses<sup>®</sup>

True Bloom Roses logo

One of the most innovative breeders of garden roses in the world, True Bloom offers a range of rose varieties that are easy to care for.

Smart Planet<sup>™</sup>

Our drought-tolerant succulents and perennials are not only easier to care for, they’re mindful of our planet too. We believe there’s something special about working outside in the soil with plants or that one-of-a-kind feeling you get when tending to your indoor greenery. We grow more than just plants, we create gardening experiences.