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Grow Happy, Healthy Plants

At Altman Plants, we believe the joys of gardening and plant care should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to help you succeed in growing beautiful, thriving plants. We know it can be frustrating when plants don’t thrive, so we provide our customers with several types of support in their plant care journey.

Customer Support​

If you ever have questions about selecting plants or caring for those you’ve purchased from us, please reach out to our customer support team. We’re always happy to help our plant parents!

Personalized Guidance

We know it can be frustrating when plants don’t thrive, so we’re excited to partner with Greg to provide you with a plant care mobile app for ongoing at-home personalized guidance.

Greg combines proven plant science with advanced technology to offer tailored tips for your plants right at home. This takes the guesswork out of plant care so you can grow your dream garden with confidence.

For ongoing, at-home plant care, Greg is your personalized guide. Here’s how it works:

  • Intelligent: Greg uses AI and a deep understanding of plant biology to suggest watering schedules tailored to each plant. No more under or overwatering!
  • Seasonally-Aware: Considers hyperlocal weather, soil, sunlight, and other factors to give relevant care tips.
  • Ask Any Question: Connects you to a community of plant enthusiasts. Learn tips and share your own advice.
  • Learning Machine: Improves over time by learning from plant parent interactions. The more you use Greg, the smarter it gets!

Meet Your New Plant BFF

Greg was created by Gregarious, a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to helping people grow thriving plants. The name Greg comes from “gregarious,” meaning sociable, communal plants and animals.

Get started with Greg today by placing your order online — Greg comes in every box!

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