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Uncommon beauty

The fascinating and long-lasting beauty of these Lecospermum, Leucadendron and Protea varieties make them incredibly desirable. We’ve hand-selected the finest varieties from our travels to make them available to everyone. These gorgeous, flower-rich, drought-tolerant shrubs are the perfect way to add a statement to any landscape. Lasting seemingly forever, the flower heads can be cut and brought inside for bouquets and wreaths.

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Beauty That Lasts Long After The Bloom

Pincushion So® Successful
  • Botanical name: Leucospermum Hybrid
  • A tall-growing variety ideal for screening or hedges that becomes topped with bright orange flowers in spring
  • Happily lives in a well draining soil, and has low water needs
  • This plant has evolved in poor nutrient areas, so no need to fertilize
  • Prune after flowering to enhance and rejuvenate flowering and plant growth
  • Excellent for cut flowers and dried arrangements

The Forever Flowers® lineup

Pincushion So® 'Exquisite'

Pincushion So® ‘Exquisite’

Conebush Harvest

Conebush Harvest

King Protea 'Little Prince'

King Protea ‘Little Prince’

Pincushion Carnival® Red

Pincushion Carnival® Red

Waratach 'Shady Lady Red'

Waratach ‘Shady Lady Red’

Pincushion Carnival Orange

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