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Our Star Aloe® collection contains patented, one-of-a-kind aloes that are exclusive to Altman Plants. These succulent plants bring an exotic flare to any outdoor or indoor space. Their toughness and ease of care makes them perfect for any plant enthusiast, black thumb to green. Their ability to live in low light makes them perfect plants for indoor home décor.

container with Star Aloe "Firecracker" plant

Exploding with color

Crimson DragonPP32,644

A fire breathing Dragon at that! It has amazing color and texture with deep red leaves. Compact in size—growing up to 1-foot tall and 1-foot wide—it’s an excellent choice for home décor, patio pots, and gardens in temperate climates.

The Star Aloe® lineup

Aloe 'Blizzard' PP21,408

Aloe ‘Blizzard’ PP21,408

Aloe 'Firecracker' PP33,031

Aloe ‘Firecracker’ PP33,031

Aloe 'Mauna Kea' PP32,603

Aloe ‘Mauna Kea’ PP32,603

Aloe 'Purple Haze' PP32,604

Aloe ‘Purple Haze’ PP32,604

Aloe 'Swordfish' PP32,010

Aloe ‘Swordfish’ PP32,010

Aloe 'Oik'

Additional Star Aloe Varieties

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