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Let’s get down to earth

Our drought-tolerant succulents and perennials are not only easier to care for, they’re mindful of our planet too. We believe there’s something special about working outside in the soil with plants or that one-of-a-kind feeling you get when tending to your indoor greenery. We grow more than just plants, we create gardening experiences.

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closeup photo of Smart Planet Houseleek succulent
It’s time to dig in

Through careful selection and innovation, we have identified and created some of the world’s most drought-tolerant plants without ever compromising beauty. The result: beautiful plants that require less water and less maintenance.

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An assortment of Smart Planet plants
An assortment of Smart Planet plants
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Smart Planet Home is an extension of the Smart Planet brand, offering plant enthusiasts and home decorators easy-to-care-for plants for the home. The unique shapes and colors of Smart Planet Home succulents, accentuated by design and trend-driven pots, showcase their beauty while adding an elegance and splash of color to interior living spaces.

close-up photo of Smart Planet succulent
close-up photo of a Smart Planet Kalanchoe plant
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Exclusively Available at The Home Depot

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