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Who We Are

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It began as a hobby in a Los Angeles backyard.

vintage photo of co-founder Ken Altman kneeling next to tall cacti

And then it grew into something more. From local mail-order catalogs to expanding regionally—then nationally—Altman Plants began with a vision: To grow the highest quality plants and make them available to everyone. Today, we’ve accomplished that mission. As the largest horticultural grower in the United States, we’re also still family-owned-and-operated and just as passionate about plants and customers as we were when we first began our journey, nearly 50 years ago…

Our Passion For Plants Runs Deep

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A Culture of Conservation

We are grateful to belong to many wonderful communities and strive to be a positive presence among our neighbors and fellow community members. We welcome an active role in helping achieve a sustainable present and future for our communities and those near and far. Nurseries powered by solar, fields and greenhouses where water to grow plants is recycled and reused, the reliance on plastics reduced, a program that donates veggies and herbs to school gardens so that children might discover the joys and delicious utility of gardening. These are some of the ideas we have acted on and continue to pursue further. We embrace the chance and responsibility to do what we can to soften our environmental impact and serve as an example to others of meaningful stewardship.

illustration of a hibiscus flower

Our answer is yes

When you work with Altman Plants, you’ll hear the word “yes” a lot. That’s because when it comes to going above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs, “no” just isn’t in our vocabulary. From research and development and new breeding programs to automation, logistics, marketing, store services, e-commerce and national committee involvement—we stop at nothing to answer with “yes” to every customer.

What We Do
  • Breeding of proprietary genetics
  • Young plant production
  • Plant production
  • Logistics
  • In-store merchandising programs
  • E-commerce
  • Gifting & home décor
  • Branded products: product development, packaging, POP and more

Our mission is to share our passion for plants with our customers, our employees and the world.

we believe in:

Can-Do Attitude





Our team responds to the needs of our customers, our business and each other with one simple word—“Yes”. It’s who we are and a key reason for our continued growth and success.

Our passion for plants and people is the cornerstone of who we are. It guides everything we do.

As diverse as we are as individuals, one thing unites and inspires us: Our common purpose to share our passion for plants with our customers.

We foster a culture of discovery and advancement. Through science and state-of-the-art breeding, we’re constantly seeking new ideas, improving how we do things, and innovating new products.

We’re always working to ensure we have the best quality plants, merchandising and marketing to give our customers an exceptional experience.

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