Altman Plants in Giddings, TX

“The Altman Plants Texas facility is centrally located between Austin and Houston. This gives us easy access to the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio Markets. This also enables the Altman Plants to provide top-notch service especially at peak season.

Altman Plants Texas runs up to three planting lines during peak production season, enabling us to plant millions of units while simultaneously spacing and shipping finished material. We blend our own soil mixes on site and belts feed the soil to each line. Our transplanters automate the planting of pack and flatted material, then distribute on the belts where its shelved and then moved throughout the greenhouse.

As any Texas grower knows, while greenhouse heating is paramount, cooling is equally as critical. Our Giddings facility includes dual heat systems, as well as an extensive evaporative cooling system, supporting crops year round.

We are deeply in tuned to preparing our plants for the retail climate and work to make our end customer successful. To this end, we utilize shade houses when seasonally appropriate in acclimating plants to an outdoor environment.

Our greenhouse layout and design incorporates an extensive water reclamation process, capturing and reusing rainwater and runoff from the entire 140-acre property. Water is reserved in a five-acre pond on-site, then circulated back through the facility.

Altman Plants Texas is focused on peak seasonal distribution, and is in the midst of an expansion project. We will have a total of 20 loading docks for the season. Our total greenhouse area post expansion is 38 acres, and these extra docks will equip Altmans to effectively and efficiently turn our quality material around from the greenhouse to your retail garden centers.”

Contact Information

Telephone: (979) 542-1165
Fax: (979) 542-2383
Mailing Address:
1180 Private Road 2906 Giddings, TX 78942