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About Us

About Us

Altman Plants started in Ken & Deena’s backyard in 1975.  What started out as an innocent hobby, based on an avid interest in plants, slowly transformed itself into a wholesale nursery business encompassing over 1700 acres in six states.  Our passion for plants has provided the foundation for our company to grow.

Garden Resources


Our plant tags are informative and every plant, whether it be a cactus, an herb or an ornamental grass, is labeled with a botanical and common name. This website is geared toward helping people know more about plants: how to grow, propagate, identify and enjoy this great hobby.

Branded Programs

About Us

At Altman Plants, our history of developing effective and innovative marketing programs has allowed our customers to succeed season after season. Several of our branded programs can be found in retail garden centers across the country.  From cacti to color, we have it covered.