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The beauty of a plant is more than just appearance. It’s also its remarkable ability to adapt, survive and even thrive in extreme environments. We take water efficient gardens a step beyond by breeding and growing some of the world’s toughest and drought-tolerant succulents, perennials, and cacti to be enjoyed by all with little maintenance.


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Offering a range of species and hybrids, Element™ succulents are drought tolerant and easy to maintain for any type of gardener—experienced or first-time plant parents.

Smart Planet<sup>™</sup>

Our drought-tolerant succulents and perennials are not only easier to care for, they’re mindful of our planet too. We believe there’s something special about working outside in the soil with plants or that one-of-a-kind feeling you get when tending to your indoor greenery. We grow more than just plants, we create gardening experiences.