About Altman Plants


What started out as an innocent hobby, based on an avid interest in plants, slowly transformed itself into a wholesale nursery business encompassing over 1700 acres in six states. The business began with a plant catalog of unusual succulents.

Later, the Altmans would take their overflow plant material and sell it to local retail nurseries. The retailers loved the unusual and varied plant material and so did their customers. Altman Plants became more and more important to these retailers because of their quality plants and innovative products.

A Passion For Plants

Today, Altman Plants supplies exciting plant programs to large retailers with point of purchase materials, sales reps to assist with merchandising, a large distribution system that covers the United States, and offers expertise in growing plants from cactus to herbs, from grasses to perennials, and more.

Nursery Locations

About Us

Altman Plants has many locations across the United States. Our locations service many of our country’s leading national retailers, supermarkets, and independent nurseries. We help to supply the nation with quality live cacti, succulents, annuals, perennials, and more.

Affiliated Companies

Oasis Water Efficient Gardens

As we have grown over the last 40 years, Altman Plants has established several affiliated companies with a shared vision of providing the highest quality plant material, comprehensive research and development, and landscape design solutions to the communities we service.

Press Room

Press Room

At Altman Plants, we are invested in the green industry and the impact it has on our local communities and everyday lives.  Our press room is a collection of published news articles, industry and community recognitions, and awards reflecting our commitment to the industry and our customers alike.