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One small grafted step for cacti: Moon cactus

“Lollipop lollipop / Oh lolli lolli lolli / Lollipop lollipop / Oh lolli lolli lolli / Lollipop lollipop / Oh lolli lolli lolli / Lollipop ‘pop'”

The Chordettes weren’t singing about cacti in the 1958 hit “Lollipop,” but wouldn’t it be funny if they were?

For May, we want to give you a taste of lollipop-look-alike cacti with otherworldly “flavor.” They are brightly colored confections called moon cacti: little spheres of vividness from the genus Gymnocalycium. The challenge with these sweeties is one of chlorophyll, or the lack of it.

Because of this, each one can only survive as a scion — the upper “moon” is grafted onto green Hylocereus rootstock. AKA dragon fruit. The base cactus provides the chemical “fire” necessary for the upper plant to have a chance at life. And to star in our spaces as a filtered-light-friendly, colorful treat.

Below, our cactus whisperer Tom talks about moon cacti’s graft-powered charm. Look for moon cactus at our retail shop or wholesale shop (here and here).





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Moon cacti: Put these colorful grafted creations in your orbit

These beautiful Gymnocalycium seedlings lack chlorophyll and therefore cannot survive on their own, but when grafted onto rootstock of Hylocereus cacti, the colorful, shade-friendly living lollipops can brighten up any room. Listen to our cactus whisperer Tom Jesch talk about this vibrant union of cacti.

Look for Gymnocalycium mihanovichii ‘Hibotan’ at our retail shop or wholesale shop


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