As of Nov. 27, Altman Plants has now lowered the threshold for free shipping at to $50 for the holidays

VISTA, Calif. (Nov. 20, 2018) — Altman Plants, the largest grower and breeder of succulents in the world, has created holiday gift collections that make it easy for people to give succulents as beautiful, extra-decorative, wallet-friendly presents to the favorite humans in their lives. (And maybe even to the not-exactly-favorite types too.) Low-maintenance and waterwise, they’d be perfect as long-lasting, rewarding stocking stuffers — placed carefully on top, of course. As an added bonus, on Black Friday (or #blackthumbfriday) and Cyber Monday (#cybersucculentmonday), Altman Plants will make shipping free on all orders of at least $50 at (normally $75).
Succulents in the Holiday Wrap Collection arrive with their own cozy display “wrapping paper” — some in birch-style pot wraps, some in bright, Grinch-inspired wraps — and to/from cards.

They’ll serve splendidly as living holiday decorations too. And when the holidays are over, and the pot wraps have been packed away with the lights and ornaments, the succulents can then be enjoyed all year long, displayed in all manner of home decor styles.

There are three birch-style-wrap product options: Kalanchoe tomentosa ‘Chocolate Soldier’, Haworthia zebra plant, and a three-pack of rosette succulents (such as echeverias). Both single-plant choices are fun, intriguing, touch-friendly gift ideas for kids of all ages.
The festive, Grinch-inspired wraps are featured in a three-pack of Haworthia zebra plant and two cacti: Echinopsis subdenudata ‘Dominoes’ and Mammillaria spinosissima (red-headed Irishman). The pot wraps are open on the bottom so that they won’t impede drainage.
The company’s Holiday Collection, also at, features several succulents with holiday-themed or wintry names, such as Altman Plants original hybrids Aloe ‘Christmas Sleigh’ and Sedeveria ‘Blue Elf’.

About Altman Plants

A passion for plants has been Altman Plants founding mission since 1975. Starting out as an innocent hobby, Ken and Deena Altman have created not only one of the country’s largest and most recognized wholesale nurseries, but they are also the world’s largest succulent grower in the world. Their operations encompass over 14 million environmentally controlled square feet in six different locations in the United States. With the help of two world-renowned succulent and cacti breeders, Altman Plants offers a variety of 1,025 unique succulents and also breed their own patented, one-of-a-kind succulents. Altman Plants strives to provide high-quality living treasures, for collectors and retailers alike. For more information, please visit or


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