Plant Photo Submission

Submit a photo and help us build the plant library.

We are building a community plant library and need your help to find missing plant photos.

Click here to view the list of missing plant photos from our library.

The plant library allows you to become a world traveler from the comfort of your own home, with the plants being the storytellers. Incorporating a library provides extensive plant information for beginners, enthusiasts, and experts alike. You can discover plants from across the globe or learn more about the ones housed in your backyard.

Explore the many plant categories and let the library be your guide.

How to submit:

Fill out the form below or post the photo with #altmanlibrary to our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

Once submitted, our succulent experts will approve the photo for the library.

You can submit as many photos as you like.

The photo submitted must adhere to 4MB file size and display the plant so that it can be easily recognized.

We are excited to see what photos you submit. Thank you from the Altman Plants team.

Participants who submit an approved photo will receive:

  • A “photo courtesy of” on the plant library page below the photo of the described plant
  • An “At Home With Succulents” publication
  • The possibility for their photo to be featured on the Altman Plant’s website and social media platforms

Each day, we will be listing five photos that our plant library is missing on our social media platforms.

Plant Library Submission Form

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