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Holiday Succulent Wreath

Scrap the yearly store-bought wreath from your to-do list and create your own! Cover it with living treasures to add holiday cheer to your home.

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Which Hybrid Tea Shrub™ Rose Are You?

Each rose in our Hybrid Tea Shrub ™ brand is full of life with its very own personality. They are grown to be different in size, shape, and color. Some are bold and spunky, while others are sweet and subtle. Are you curious what rose you may be from our collection? Click to enter our quiz and find out now.

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A Timeless Flower with a Blossomed Meaning

Roses have a colorful history. These perennial flowers have occupied the earth for 35 million years. They have acquired a plethora of meanings across the world. These meanings have been translated into some of the most well known works of art. Prominent minds such as William Shakespeare and Vincent van Gogh have used roses has a form of inspiration. Whether painted, sang, or penned, there is an everlasting connection between roses and emotion.

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Echeveria ‘Cubic Frost™’ – The Allure of October

As summer fades to fall, October brings a darker, more ominous feeling. A sense of spookiness clouds this month as Halloween approaches. Besides the changing of leaves, October isn’t a month of color. Our patented and trademarked Echeveria ‘Cubic Frost™’ (PPAF) is the perfect succulent this month that will add a unique, peculiar feel to your container gardening or succulent pumpkin planter.

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Spooky Succulent Planter

Turn your yearly jack-o-lantern project into a unique, chic succulent pumpkin planter. Add your favorite variety of autumn colored succulents, which are both easy to maintain and care for.

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8 Succulent Myths That Shouldn’t ‘Trick’ You

As we creep into the month of October, spooky myths, legends, and stories are around every corner. With different succulents come different myths. There are eight common succulent myths which we’ve debunked just for you.

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What’s Inspiring You This Weekend?



Happy Friday! TGIF. Take this weekend to tend to your passion or hobby.

October is here and we’re feeling it at our headquarters in Vista, California. Autumn is the beginning of cooler days, warm clothes, hot beverages, and the changing of colors. Succulents feel the developments of this season and this is the time to give your plants a little TLC.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as temperatures lower and the weather becomes inevitably cooler:

1. Provide sheltered areas on days that are increasingly snowy or rainy.

2. If it snows, don’t remove the snow cover. The snow actually insulates the plants.

3. Warm up your plants by providing them their own blanket. Purchase fabric covers or frost covers when freezing temperatures are forecasted.

4. Ensure containers have adequate drainage and air circulation, especially when the weather causes increased soil dampness.


Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean you should be discouraged to plant any other succulents for the season. Add a succulent planter to your kitchen windowsill or dining room table. 

So this weekend.. what will you create?

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A World Within – Succulent Terrarium

Provide your succulents with the perfect escape from outdoor conditions by creating your own open succulent terrarium. Terrariums are both easy to care for and provide visual interest for your home with its unique container and varied shapes of greenery. Create and personalize your own little world within a glass container.

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Tips For Arranging Your Succulent Garden

Succulent arrangements, whether they are in containers or in your garden, are all about experimentation. What you decide to work with is based on your personal preference. No rules apply. Compile a menagerie of colors and textures, and have fun!

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A Bigger and Badder Sunset – ‘Neon Breakers’

Summer brings us the most beautiful sunsets. Each evening, we’re able to marvel at the fluorescent oranges, pinks, and deep purples that fade in a matter of hours. Luckily, a more permanent sunset has been created to be a statement piece in your garden, the Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’ (PP21406).

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