Aloe ‘AJR’ and Echeveria ‘Autumn Flame’ — two beautifully distinctive succulent plants

VISTA, Calif. (Oct. 29, 2018) — Altman Plants’ succulent breeders are constantly researching and developing new varieties. The company is jazzed about recent additions to its online store, such as the wonderfully textural Aloe ‘AJR’, a green hybrid with gorgeous red teeth and bumps that produces tubular multicolored flowers. Aloe ‘AJR’ is also a re-bloomer, unusual for aloes! The flowers are magnets for butterflies and hummingbirds. It looks great in a frost free landscape, growing up to 2 feet high and wide.

Echeveria ‘Autumn Flame’, a patented rosette hybrid (US PP28,986), boasts satiny, wavy mahogany leaves and red flowers. Altman’s breeding team succeeded in developing a variety that expresses a rich mahogany color and uniquely shiny, undulate foliage. Contrasting this magnificent mahogany is the lighter red coloring of the leaf margins. The rosette displays a spiraling effect, each satiny leaf slightly overlapping the one closer to the center. Echeveria ‘Autumn Flame’ exhibits a tolerance for combined heat and humidity, not a typical trait.

Both of these special varieties would make nifty holiday gifts for plant geeks. A rotating selection of the company’s original hybrids and other introductions can be viewed at

Aloe ‘AJR’

Echeveria ‘Autumn Flame’


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