As spring weather approaches in some areas, a cool and dreary winter trudges on in others. It is hard to put on our creative gardening cap when the front yard remains dormant and lifeless.

Have no fear! Spruce up your home and decorate indoors with succulents.

Succulents have a unique shape, size, and texture in comparison to other plants. They create a visually pleasing look to a kitchen table, windowsill, or at your bedside.

We found some fun ideas that will warm your home even on the cloudiest of these early spring days.


Spice Up Your Sill

Bring a simple windowsill to life with spring-inspired container gardens. By using brightly colored containers and figurines, it can spark color with your favorite sedums. Looking for more of a minimalistic look? Use a clean, modern pot and a lively succulent. We recommend using our patented Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’ or Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’.





 Living Treasures for Your Little Ones

Succulents can be the best pets for kids.  They are easy to care for, tolerant of neglect, and replaceable.

With a variety of succulents, you can mix and match to fit the theme of your child’s room. We love this race car theme mixed with colored containers.  For rooms with subtle color, we recommend using echeverias or shrubby succulents, such as Crassula tetragona (mini pine tree), and then adding a bold, textured container.

Velvety Kalanchoe tomentosa ‘Chocolate Soldier’ would be a perfect addition because it is fun to pet.

The Lone Wolf

With décor, sometimes less is more. Adding a container with clean lines and a textured cactus can add a touch of simplistic elegance to the room. That is why we love this plant and pot duo.

Euphorbia lactea (including the variegated form) or the common Gymnocalycium mihanovichii ‘Hibotan’ (moon cactus) are great textural options.







___________________________Hidden Treasures

There is something to be said about a beautiful book nook. It is a safe haven from life where you can grab your favorite book and relax. Why not add a little greenery to its shelves?

The placement of these succulents is subtle, but matching the container to the book covers creates a charming cohesion.

For your shelves, succulent options are endless. To keep with this eclectic look, try Kalanchoe tomentosa (panda plant)Aloe ‘Blizzard’, or Sedum ‘Burrito’.



Succulents can make the perfect houseplants. Be aware that these plants still need ample light, airflow, and adequate drainage in order to thrive indoors. Avoid housing them in dark, closed spaces and let the light shine on these little treasures.