In this simple succulent craft project, children are encouraged to create a homemade succulent planter in a few simple steps.

Ages 3-12
Time: 30 – 60 minutes
Approximate Cost: $25

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Materials List

  • Empty 1 qt paint cans (cleaned)
  • Crayons, Paint, Markers, or something to color with
  • Printable 8.5×11” Templates (below)
  • A well-draining soil mix
  • Succulents from your local Home Depot or Almant Plants Online Store.


  1. GATHER supplies and download coloring templates (list to the left)
  2. Print out and COLOR the templates (downloadable links below)
  3. Cut out, glue and CREATE your planter cover
  4. Wrap the can with cover and then PLANT with succulents
  5. Place in a location that receives bright light
  6. visit to learn how to care for your new succulents
  7. POST your craft on Social Media using hashtags #SucculentsForKids, #SucculentCrafts, and #AltmanPlants

Download Printable Instructions
(PDF Reader Required)

Downloadable Coloring Templates

Ages 3+

Ages 5+

Ages 7+

Ages 9+

No Coloring Required

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