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VIVA! searches out the best new varieties from top plant breeders around the world. We also watch trials at professional and academic greenhouses, always looking for the strongest plants, the best blooms, and great growing habit, because we want to only have the best varieties for our gardens, and for yours!

VIVA! Impatiens Rococo

VIVA! has some of today’s newest and brightest flower varieties – not just from American breeders but from flower breeders in Japan, Holland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and all points in between.

VIVA! Durabloom

We have many new choices of color, height and texture to pick from as we design and decorate our outdoor living spaces. Our staff and the growers from around the country are selecting the very best flowers for your garden.

VIVA! Sunpatiens Lavender

The past few years has seen an explosion of new items introduced into our gardens, from SunPatiens- the impatiens for full sun – to The World’s Best Spreading Petunia.