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 Get ready to lei on the color with HibisKISS, a new series of exotic hibiscus plants that have been hybridized for very large, fancy flowers that stand out in the crowd. Like a bolt out of the tropics, these are the shades that make a big color statement in your outdoor living spaces.


HibisKiss - All A Flutter - Distinctly Different Hibiscus

All-A-Flutter is what your heart will be with images of sun bronzed islanders sporting these blooms in their hair! Petals of brilliant orange red morph into flame yellow like lava flowing to the sea.

Kiss N' Tell™

HibisKiss - Kiss N Tell - Distinctly Different Hibiscus

Kiss N’ Tell has wonderfully tropical orange petals with deep burgundy centers. The 6-7″ blooms stand out nicely against the foliage of this shrub that has a full, vigorous habit.

First Kiss™

First Kiss has flirtatious 10″ flowers dancing in pink, yellow and white with a passionately purple center. A vigorous grower and bloomer with dark green, heavily serrated leaves.