Replenishment Specialist

The Replenishment Specialist is responsible for replenishment of Altman Plants product into Customer’s stores, developing a replenishment strategy and writing orders to maximize sales and sell-through %, reporting sales and trends to account management, and supporting account management in the decision making process.
Job responsibilities & duties include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Access Customer’s sales database regularly to check sales and download data for analysis.
  • Analyze store inventory by SKU and increase or decrease inventory levels based on sales forecasts.
  • Review sales, weather trends, product availability, and other sales variables to develop a replenishment strategy.
  • Use Altman software (e.g., Evolution, Auto Spread) to upload and edit orders; download and analyze reports for sales, ships, production, etc.
  • Implement replenishment plans by store for POG and presentation compliance.
  • Ensure promotional/ad products are allocated to stores based on sales performance (factoring in historical, current, and expected demand) and on-hand inventory levels.
  • Develop reporting tools; monitor and adjust reporting parameters throughout the season.
  • Interface with the Altman Plants field sales team to make data-based replenishment decisions.
  • Understand trends and sales plans; adjust inventory and order strategy accordingly.v
  • Provide account management with data analysis and reporting to support the following activities:
    • Formulate entry and exit strategies of key items.
    • Generate sales history and production data to assist with Altman Plants sales forecasting and revenue planning.
    • Participate in meetings and/or support account management by providing replenishment related information and reports (internal and customer meetings).
    • Advise management on all relevant customer information including sales strategy, planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Qualified applicants must have ability to:

  • Use sound judgement, make business decisions, and give recommendations to account management.
  • Organize, comprehend, and summarize large amounts of data.
  • Learn and use proprietary company software.
  • Interact with others in a professional manner.
  • Participate as a team player.
  • Work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Be able to take direction.

Requirements for position:

  • Possess strong Excel, Word, and Power Point skills.
  • Must be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner.
  • Quick learner.
  • College degree preferred.
  • Horticulture/plant knowledge a plus, but not necessary.

To apply, please respond to this email Tulle Alexander at with a cover letter including your salary requirement and a current resume. Applications without a current resume and a salary requirement will not be accepted.

Contact Information

Telephone: (979) 542-1165
Fax: (979) 542-2383
Mailing Address:
1180 Private Road 2906 Giddings, TX 78942