Replenishment Specialist - Austin, TX

Altman Plants, LLC. ( is a family owned wholesale nursery with operations in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas.

We’re passionate about plants and specialize as the country’s top provider of cacti and succulents as well as annuals and perennials. With over 5,000 employees, we’re also passionate about people development, open communications, customer service, and the long-term growth of the company. We provide competitive compensation and benefits.

We’re looking to recruit, retain and grow a Replenishment Specialist that will be responsible for the replenishment of Altman Plants product into the customer’s stores, developing a replenishment strategy to maximize sales and sell-through %, reporting sales and trends to account management, and supporting account management in the decision making process.

Job responsibilities & duties include, but are not limited to the following:

· Strategize on replenishment through current and historical trends analysis

· Write orders to maximize sales, inventory turns and sell thru.

· Log into the sales database on a regular basis to check sales and download multiple sales files for analysis.

· Analyze store inventory by item to increase or decrease projections-based inventory levels.

· Review sales and weather trends, availability issues, and other sales needs to develop a scripting strategy.

· Download availability files and format them for regular use in order writing and adjusting orders

· Using Altman Plants software, such as Evolution and Auto Spread to upload and edit orders in the system, download and analyze reports for sales, ships, and production, etc.

· Support advertising efforts by assuring in stocks for all stores.

· Place promotional product orders and allocate to stores based on sales performance (factoring in historical, current, and expected demand) and inventory levels.

· Analyze historical trends and adjust system settings for store inventory replenishment models.

· Use centralized ordering strategy to optimize sales and inventory effectiveness for every item in every store while minimizing risk.

· Interface with Altman Plants field sales team to make data-based replenishment decisions

· Understand current trends and future plans, adjust inventory and order strategy with field representatives.

· Support account manager with data and reporting analysis to support the following activities:

· Formulate entry and exit strategies on key drive items.

· Participate in meetings and/or support account manager(s) by providing replenishment related information and reports (internal and customer meetings).

Qualified applicants must have ability to:

· Manage, comprehend, and summarize large amounts of data

· Possess strong Excel skills

· Be a quick learner

· Learn and use proprietary company programs

· Participate as a team player

· Interact with others in a professional manner

· Use sound judgement and be able to make business decisions/recommendations

· Knowledge of plants

Interested applicants apply to our Career Page.

If you are interested in a career at Altman Plants, please send your resume to our Human Resources Department via one of the methods suggested below. Interested applicants apply to our Career Page Mailing Address: Altman Plants, Human Resources Dept. 3742 Blue Bird Canyon Road Vista, CA 92084