Altman Plants in Peyton, CO

“Altman Plants owns over 400 acres of land in Peyton with currently 32 acres or 1.4 million square feet of greenhouse. The greenhouse is a state-of-the-art with tempered glass. Automated conveyer belts take the plants from the production barn to the greenhouse where the product is then put on cable conveyer belts and moved into the greenhouse grow room area. We use the automated irrigation booms to water, mist, and/or fertilize the crops. The basket echo system can hold over 165,000 hanging baskets of different sizes. The climate is computer controlled to ensure the optimum temperature inside the greenhouse. On cold days, the closed-loop hot water system heats the greenhouse to the desired temperatures. For crops that need shade, the greenhouse has an automated shading curtain system that opens and closes depending on the outside sunlight.”

Contact Information

Telephone: (719) 749-2510
Fax: (719) 749-2512
Mailing Address:
14095 North Peyton Hwy Peyton, CO 80831