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The mission of Floragem® is to create consumer live goods gardening products. The first company of its kind in the world – our goal is to make gardening more successful for home gardeners.

We make consumer products by connecting the country’s top greenhouse growers with the world’s best genetics – then creating compelling and informative consumer packaging so that our plants find homes in gardens throughout the world.

Floragem works with the very best greenhouse growers in the country, growers who are able to not only grow high quality plants – but who can also get plants and displays into retail stores when consumers are ready to buy. We have all learned how hard it is to keep plant material looking good at store level and the Floragem growers are second to none in this environment.

Compelling packaging with easy to read signage, pots and tags that create excitement at store level and turn shoppers into gardeners, is the hallmark of Floragem. Working with top designers, packaging manufactures and the grower group has led to dramatically improved new tags, in-store signage, displays and pots. Putting better information in consumer’s hands will lead to better success in the garden and build loyal consumers for the retailer. A happy gardener is a repeat customer.

VIVA! Containers

innovation is a benefit for consumers who will better enjoy their gardens, for retailers building customer loyalty, for growers whose mandate is to support major retailers and for plant breeders looking to get their inventions into a crowded marketplace.

The world’s best package would fail without great genetics and it is the Floragem mission to connect the best plant breeding to consumers. By leveraging the Floragem sign and packaging programs, plant breeders can now showcase why their plants are better and easily tell their story about yields, plant health or flower size. We believe that the Floragem programs will be the logical way for breeders to quickly introduce new inventions into the market.

For more information on Floragem® products, visit the Floragem® web site at www.floragem.com.