The Center for Applied Horticultural Research

CfAHR - Center for Applied Horticultural Research

The Center for Applied Horticultural Research (CfAHR) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008, with the purpose of addressing, through research, the practical issues the nursery and floriculture industry face. At the Center, all the facilities and resources will be used to conduct research designed to give answers to practical problems commercial growers and the green industry encounter on a regular basis.

Founded by Ken and Deena Altman of Altman Plants, the center reinforces the relevance of advancing research in the improvement of plant production. Mr. Altman feels that there is no shortage of issues that need to be solved; however, the resources available are limited. CfAHR is Altman’s way to contribute to the solution. The Center for Applied Horticultural Research will serve as a model for other nurseries and growers to help fill the gap in resources so we can support our industry researchers.

Located in Vista, CA, the facility includes a state of the art greenhouse, shade and sun spaces for outdoor research, weather monitoring equipment, laboratory and fully equipped conference room. A wide range of projects can be maintained and conducted simultaneously.

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At CfAHR, we encourage the submission of projects from individuals, educational centers and industry. The application process includes submission of a research proposal, review by the board of directors and implementation of the research project by the Center personal and applicants. Projects need to address horticultural issues in commercial nursery and ornamental plant production, as well as floriculture. Areas of particular interest are: production protocols, plant breeding, pest and disease control, plant propagation and postharvest management. All research conducted at the Center is done in a sustainable manner and applying good conservational practices. Other activities at the Center are open houses and industry meetings.